Emergency Services

As a local building product manufacturer, distributor and retailer Green Mountain Window is able to offer homeowners, governments and institutions emergency repairs and other services necessary for the health and safety of their homes, buildings and other structures.  We have one of the few insulated glass fabrication facilities in the state and can fulfill orders for insulated glass units or cut flat glass on a moment’s notice – often same day depending on size.  If you need emergency repairs or replacement to keep your home or building secure contact us and we will do everything we can to get you what you need by the end of the day.  Additionally we can fabricate complete windows quickly for applications such as home repair, take out windows for restaurants, emergency structures, etc.  We will continue to support the supply chain of materials critical to response and recovery efforts.


We manufacture, distribute and retail products for maintenance, construction and essential operations of residences, affordable housing, emergency shelters, state owned buildings, federal buildings, healthcare facilities and military facilities.  We are currently building windows for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and are ready to supply any military, government or health industry fenestration need on a moment’s notice.

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